Anna Golda



My name is Anna Golda Yu, my introduction to the world of design began in 2002 at NYC based SVA - School of Visual Arts. With great passion, ambition and often lack of sleep I decided to pursue double major in Advertising & Graphic Design, which paid off when my work was showcased at Art Director’s Club and portfolio ranked at the top 10% of my 2006 graduating class. 

After a year spend hustling to get freelance projects and wondering what’s next, I have discovered an amazing mentor in Andy Jacobson from Andy Jacobson Design. Under his guidance I grew from a freelance designer into senior multimedia designer and the only full time hire that he made in 17 years of owning his NYC based design studio. 

Neither Andy nor I ever sat around our office waiting for inspiration to strike, so we often went out looking for the hassle and bustle of small coffee shops to help us move past the dreaded ‘white page’. In these tight quarters, with our MACs wedged on a small table, with aroma of coffee in the air, free WiFi at our desposal and white noise of surrounding chatter there we created most of our work on identity systems, logos, books, posters, print and web advertising. 

With great sadness I write that in 2011, my mentor and friend Andy Jacobson, passed away after a long battle with cancer. Together with my SVA mentors, Jack Mariucci and Adrienne Leban, Andy had the greatest influence on me as a designer, and taught me how to leads with passion, curiosity, keen eye for detail and always positive attitude.

Since, design will forever be my first love, I continue my work as a freelance multimedia designer, working with clients in different parts of the world! Because I take no more than one client at the time, you can be sure that when working with me your project will receive my undivided attention!

If you have any questions or if I can be of any help to you or your business, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me at